Studio flat (at a 6-unit hallway, unfurnished)

Fixtures of a studio flat (at a 6-unit hallway):

Wet cell/bathroom (shower, toilet, washbasin) + shared kitchens and common rooms on each corridor; telephone and internet as well as cable TV connections;

Lifts, washing machines and tumble dryers in the basement (at a fee), outdoor garden areas, parking spaces, bicycle stands;

Year of construction:


Bus connection:

Bus nos. 2 +13 - bus stop:  Horstmarer Landweg (alte Sternwarte)

Person responsible:

Ms. Herding
Phone: 0251/ 837 96 46

Property manager:

Mr. Preckel
Phone/Fax: 0251/ 837 91 76

40.59 m² / 42.79 m2
€ 315.45

Price (including heating) *


Utility costs


Housing units


units currently available

over 6 months

Waiting time

* All utility costs (except for electricity), cable TV and internet fees are included in the rent.
An annual charge for running costs will be payable individually per studio apartment/shared flat.
Electricity is payable by the tenants separately and it will be necessary to contact an electricity provider to arrange for your electricity account to be set up and connected.
The tenants have to pay the licence fee for TV and radio to the fee collection agency of the public broadcasters (ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice) themselves.