Our offers

Socials / Get-together / Meet & Greet / Dorm & Pub Nights

Get to know hall neighbours and flatmates, get into conversation with each other and expand your own social network: Especially for international students, this is a welcome offer when you are in a new country with different customs and where there is so much new to discover.


International cooking events

Indian dishes, French desserts, Asian cuisine, international dinners, whether with meat, vegetarian or vegan, with insider tips from locals. We like to cook in our residence hall kitchens, in the rooms of our counselling centre or in the refectories. As an online tutorial, live stream on social media or in presence. Find out how you can add culinary value to your student life!


Sports events

Football or volleyball tournaments, bicycle tours in the surrounding area or jogging, dancing, doing yoga together and staying fit, our tutors have a variety of offers ready for you!


Games Night

Playing together is more fun, whether online or analogue. And it's always a great opportunity to make new friends!


Intercultural Language Roundtables

Our tutors offer regulars' tables in different languages. This way you can improve your language skills in contact with other students and learn something about the respective culture. Together you exchange information about traditions, customs and festivals. You play, cook and bake together - all in the language of the Stammtisch!