Leadership guidelines and leadership skills

We guide and encourage employees to think and act in a solution-oriented way.

We support personal initiative and commitment and convey praise and criticism in a dialogue.

We provide the framework, give feedback and coach the employees in a process.


Our management style is based on partnership and respect and is characterised by mutual understanding and tolerance.

We communicate and treat each other with respect and esteem.

We speak in a solution-oriented way with one another and do no talk negatively about each other.

We include the employees; we give reasons for decisions and delegate these with trust in the competencies of our employees. We see mistakes as an opportunity for development.


We promote diversity and are against any type of discrimination.

We ensure that all employees are accepted and treated equally regardless of gender, religion, descent, personality, disabilities, worldview and sexual orientation.


We are aware of the responsibility that we have for ourselves and our employees as well as for our social charter.

We are a role model for our employees as concerns health-friendly management. For us the result is the priority and not the temporal presence.

The concerns of the students are our top priority in accordance with our mandate “Your partner during your studies”.

We offer assistance in the reconciliation of work & family life.


We are committed to economic success and a positive overall result so that we can guarantee jobs in the long term and make sure they are attractive.

The business goals are jointly sustained and communicated by the managers.

We develop processes of change and jointly implement them.

We inform the employees about the processes of change transparently, understandably and promptly.