Students (with children)

How do I manage lectures, childcare and part-time work? How can I face the challenge of studying while also raising a child?

Come and see us - you are not alone. There are a range of measures that the tertiary institutions and private agencies offer to assist with successfully balancing the organisational and financial aspects of studying while raising children. Whether it’s organisational matters relating to your studies, childcare options or actual material or financial support and pursuing leisure activities, we will provide individual and needs-based guidance with finding options and locating agents, and together we will work out a solution for you that joins the dots „between child care and uni“.

We can offer counselling on the following matters:

  • Accommodation options for parents and children
  • Financial support for students with children (short and long term arrangements, loans, credit and grants)
  • Child care
  • Leisure activities
  • Parental leave, maternal leave, holiday semester
  • Organisation of studies
  • Further support options, further contacts, counselling services