Basic requirements

Financial support in accordance with BAföG: students at the following colleges

  • Westphalian Wilhelms University of Münster
  • University of Applied Sciences of Münster
  • Catholic College North Rhine Westphalia (KatHO NRW)
  • Faculty of Music / FB 15 of Westphalian Wilhelms University of Münster
  • Münster Academy of Fine Art
  • Philosophical-Theological College of the Franciscans and Capuchins or
  • praxisHochschule, Rheine

can apply for financial support if they do not have sufficient money for the cost of living and education.

In addition the following applies:

  • The student may not have a degree (except for a bachelor’s degree before the master’s).
  • You must be a German citizen.
  • At the beginning of your studies you must not have completed your 30th year of life yet. For a study to achieve a Master’s degree the limit is 35. If you brought up your own children before your studies, the age limit will be higher and be based on your individual situation.
  • You may not have changed your course and not have terminated any vocational training.
  • You must attend classes at the university regularly and in doing so you must achieve the necessary performance progress.

For all of the basic requirements there are derogations for which we have special info sheets. Of course we would also be glad to inform you personally.

Simply call or come by our offices.