Where can I pick up a BAföG - application form?

The most important points in brief...

BAföG should be applied for as early possible because it will not be paid retroactively. It will be paid from the month of the application.

The application must be made in written form. For this purpose forms are available. They can be obtained in the service office of the BAföG centre in the foyer in the canteen (Mensa) at the Aasee (1st floor). You can find the pre-printed forms on the homepage of the Bundesministeriums für Bildung und Forschung (i.e. the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research). Form 1 can be filled in on-line and sent to us electronically after printing. For this we offer an encrypted email traffic. To do this, please first contact the person responsible for you under the heading Contact Search.

By email you inform the contact person about your contact request. You will then immediately receive a registration email for the encryption portal and will be able to provide us with your personal data in a secure way until the completion of your application process. If you do not use this procedure, your information will be transmitted unencrypted and we will only be able to contact you by post.

In general a decision about an application is made for a one-year period. Subsequent applications must be submitted in complete form to the Student Support Services no later than two months before the end of the funding period so that continuous payment can be guaranteed. The date of the end of the funding period is stated in the notification.

Our tip: Submit your application to us in person. Then we can advise you personally right away.