Internet, Telephone, TV

As a fast internet connection is essential for today’s students and is part of our role in providing up-to-date living space, we now work with Vodafone (former known as Unitymedia) to also provide full internet access in your student residence building.

The digital multimedia connection includes:

• High speed internet flat rate with: 32 MB/sec download speed and 1 MB/sec upload speed.

• Digital TV with approximately 90 TV channels and about 70 radio stations (as of 12/2016)
• For reception you need a DVB-C tuner, which is generally standard in modern TVs. If necessary, Vodafone will provide you with a digital tuner for a one-time activation fee of €19, 95 on loan.

Please note: The tuner (or receiver) must be returned to Vodafone when you move out.

The fee for the internet and TV connection will be €15.95 per month and will be added to the amount we deduct each month from your account for your rent.
The multimedia connection will give you access to telephone services and many other TV packages, such as Digital TV International, which is available in 14 different languages. Please contact Vodafone directly for an offer.

For more information click on the following link:
Your internet connection: scope of delivery, assembly, error handling. (See FAQ as PDF, the second page is in English)

You can receive all information concerning the changeover and Vodafone’s products on the Vodafone's Website or by calling Vodafone's customer service at 0221-466 190 99.

The links below include 2 helpful video clips that explain the installation procedure:
Installation instructions for your Unitymedia cable modem
Installation instructions for connecting the computer and the cable modem