Emergency accommodation

To students in need of accommodation we offer a place in a common room at the residential complex “Steinfurter Straße 67-81” which is partly subdivided by folding screens into currently 18 separate units each furnished with a bed, a cupboard, an office storage unit on wheels, a chair, and a lamp.

There are sanitary facilities (showers and toilets) at your disposal.
It is not possible to share the kitchens of the student residence.

The overnight cost will be € 5.00 per night.
The deposit to be paid is € 30.00.

Contact person:
Ms. Pöhling.
Phone 0251/ 83 795 53
E-mail: wohnen@stw-muenster.de

Mr. Mesch and Mr. Dopierala
Phone 0251/ 83 791 74
E-mail: Wilhelmskamp@stw-muenster.de