How to pay


To ensure an excellent service to our guests we have introduced a cashless payment system using the MensaCard. You can obtain a MensaCard at one of our information desks, either at the “Aasee Mensa” or at the “Mensa am Ring” from Monday to Friday between 11.30 a.m. and 2 p.m., as well as at any of the cash registers at our other student canteens or bistros. There the MensaCard is available on the presentation of a valid student card for the payment of € 5. This is a non-refundable fee charged by us for running and maintaining the MensaCard system.

In order to avoid waiting times for you as well as for other guests we ask you to keep the credit on your MensaCard topped up. At our MensaCard machines you can top up your MensaCard free of charge to the value of € 5, € 10, € 20 or € 50, up to a maximum credit of € 60. In case you need to reload your MensaCard at our cash registers our staff will have to debit your MensaCard with a fee of € 0.25 per top-up.


New: Top up your credit online

From now on you have the possibility to top up your MensaCard, student card or FH Card online with our partner Klarna.

To do so, go to (external link) in the browser of your smartphone or computer or click on the image on the left and follow these steps:

  • Enter card number
  • Select amount (up to a maximum of €60.00)
  • Select payment method

Note: To activate the loaded credit on your card, please hold it up to one of our revaluation devices, to a payment terminal in the residence hall wash bars or to a card reader of our sales counters in the dining halls and bistros after the online revaluation. The loaded amount is then automatically credited in the background. Please do not remove your card from the card reader too quickly so as not to interrupt the writing process. This takes about 3 seconds. If you then hold the card in front of the reader a second time, the new card balance will be displayed. Attention, this only works if you have already paid once with us. If not, please read on here:

The following applies to all new student ID cards, FH Cards or MensaCards: Please load your respective card once at one of our reloaders or checkouts in the canteens and bistros, after which your account will be on file with us and you can easily top up your credit online.

If you have any questions about charging with Klarna, please write an email to and include the Studierendenwerk and your card number.

Your card is defective? Defective cards can be returned directly to our information offices, where any existing credit can usually be identified and transferred to the new card. Cards can be exchanged as well at any other of our outlets from where it will have to be forwarded to the office. This may take up to 3 days before your new card will be available at the original outlet.

Incidentally: No personal data will be stored on the MensaCard. However, in case of any complaints we do require your card number. We recommend that you note down the number of your MensaCard which is engraved on the front.


Frequently Asked Questions: