Our work

In contrast to conventional facilities, the children usually spend less time in the 'Zwergenstübchen'.

Since we offer flexible childcare, other children can be cared for in the morning than in the afternoon. We call it place-sharing. This requires a high level of commitment and flexibility on the part of the childcare workers. It is also particularly important to build a trusting relationship with each child. This is only possible if the parents are willing to “let go” of their child. Only then does the child have a chance to accept the staff member as a caregiver.


  • Our goals

    Our focus is on the individual support of each child. In the “Zwergenstübchen” even the youngest children have the opportunity to interact with their peers and build social contacts.

    The primary goal of our pedagogical work is that the children feel safe and comfortable in our facility and enjoy being there with us. We support the children in their entire personality so that they are able to enjoy a holistic development (language, motor skills, creativity, imagination, musical and social-emotional areas).

    It is our goal

    • to give the children the opportunity to develop their personality by accepting them in their individuality
    • that the children learn to recognise and express their needs by experiencing security through a trusting atmosphere within the group
    • to support the children’s independence and to encourage them to take independent action
    • to give the children the opportunity to grow into a community in which they learn from one another, respect one another, to compromise with the children and adults in the group and to assert themselves
    • to give the children the time to deal with their conflicts as independently as possible
    • that the children learn to treat each other with tolerance and respect

    The children’s gross motor skills are stimulated by means of targeted grasping, crawling and walking exercises, taking into account each child’s individual stage of development. We support the development of fine motor skills with finger and stick games, painting with finger paints and many other activities.

  • Cooperation with the parents

    A close cooperation with the parents is a very important part of our work. The contact with you as parents and knowledge of the children’s home situation provide us with important information and help us to get to know and understand your child. Daily drop-off and pick-up give us many opportunities to get to know each other and talk to each other. We want the parents to feel as comfortable with us as their children do.

    In case we notice any unusual features – whether of physiological or psychological nature – we try to advise the parents in an intensive dialogue in order to find adequate solutions together with them. An open and trusting cooperation with the parents lays the foundation for an optimal care of the child.

    We invite parents to express their wishes and ideas. However, we do reserve the right, to decide on the support and activities of individual children on our own.