Mensa am Aasee

We are reopening for consumption on site. From Monday, September 14th, you can eat with us again to a limited extent in the Aasee-Mensa.

That's how it works:

  • Tell our staff in the entrance area of ​​the respective facility whether and with how many people you would like to use a table / seat. There you will then receive a form for each guest to record the personal data on which your table number is noted as well as a place card.
  • Please show this form with the table number to our staff when serving food. You will then receive your choice of dishes on our reusable canteen crockery and cutlery.
  • In our dining rooms, all available tables are consecutively numbered and assigned one after the other.
  • When leaving the facility, please leave the place card on the table, so we know which seats need to be cleaned and disinfected and can reassign the seats as soon as possible.
  • Please hand over the personal data collection sheet for possible tracing when leaving the dining room or at the exit of the facility to our service staff, who will be happy to assist you.
  • When entering the cafeteria / bistro, during serving, when going to the seat and when visiting the toilet, it is mandatory to wear a mouth / nose cover.

We ask you to limit the time you spend in our facilities to the duration of the meal, so that a seat is also available to subsequent guests.

Due to the limited number of seats, when there is a heavy rush, there are temporarily no more seats available and food can initially only be served to take away.

Please also observe these hygiene rules. The note that it is only possible to eat it 25 m away applies only to take-away:

Help us to be able to offer the extended use of the canteens on a permanent basis by observing the unfortunately necessary regulations.

Thank you and bon appetite!



Aasee-Mensa: Located right at the Aasee, this canteen can be reached quickly and easily from the city centre. It can accommodate more than 1,670 guests. You will find us at Bismarckallee 11 in Münster.


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