How long?

As long as you complete your first degree and keep to the standard period of study, you will be entitled to BAföG (half of which is a grant and half of which is an interest-free loan).

A change of the subject that you study without a so-called “important reason” could lead to your losing your BAföG loan. For a change after the beginning of the fourth subject-related semester, an “irrefutable reason” would be required. In both cases it is essential that you come to us for consultation.

If you exceed the standard period of study (= maximum support term), the financial support will normally be ended, but there are also exceptions here. If, for example, there are serious reasons such as the delay due to illness, disability, pregnancy or child-rearing then BAföG can also be paid for longer than the standard period of study. Please allow us to advise you concerning these matters.

The standard period of study is over, but you’re still in the examination phase? In this case financial aid for completing a degree can be awarded as an interest-bearing loan for a maximum of 12 months even without serious reasons.