How long?

As long as you complete your first degree and graduate within the standard period of study, you are entitled to BAföG (half grant and half interest-free loan).

A change of subject without a so-called “important reason” could lead to a discontinuation of your BAföG loan. A change of subject after the start of the fourth semester even requires an “unavoidable reason". Be sure to reach out to us in both cases.

If the standard period of study (= maximum period of support) is exceeded, the financial support usually ends, but there are exceptions. For example, if there are serious reasons, such as delays due to illness, disability, pregnancy or bringing up children, BAföG can also be paid beyond the standard period of study. We will be happy to advise you concerning these matters.

The standard period of study is over, but you’re still in the examination phase? In this case, graduating assistance can be granted as an interest-bearing loan for a maximum of 12 months, even if there are no serious reasons.