Your advantages

We are a modern service provider for approximately 60,000 students in Münster and Steinfurt. We have 580 employees from more than 25 nations. We would be happy to have you supporting our team.

Some great reasons to consider Studierendenwerk Münster as an employer:

  • Your advantages
    • Regular working hours
    • A variety of possible roles
    • Career progression through further education and training
    • Workplace pension plan
    • Job security
    • Remuneration according to TVöD -VKA (collective agreement for the civil service/and the Federation of Regional Employers’ Associations)
    • Dynamic workplace environment
    • Security through tariff agreements (overtime, annual leave etc)
    • Performance-based bonuses
  • Health management

    We believe that healthy and motivated employees are an investment. As part of our organisation’s promotion of good health we collaborate with health insurance providers and other institutions. The work processes of our employees are optimised and appropriate workplace tools and equipment are purposefully implemented. Our aim is to prevent and reduce workplace stress factors and to promote healthy initiatives, such as offering free back strengthening courses.

  • Work and family life

    To assist our employees to balance work and family life we have adopted a workplace culture that is family friendly and respectful of the life phases of our employees. Since 2009 we have been certified by the Hertie Foundation as a family friendly workplace and in 2012, 2015, 2018. 2021 and 2022 we were re-certified. Ever since first being certified we have adopted a number of projects that make it easier to balance work and family life. A few examples:

    • School holiday program for children of our employees
    • Advice and support services for our employees to assist with any situation or circumstance
    • Working from home options

    Further activities can be found in our current overview (original, PDF in german).

  • Staff development

    Our employees are one of the main reasons for our success. We haven’t just been successfully training staff for more than 30 years, it is our ongoing goal to promote, support and develop our staff. We want them to be on our team for a long time, so we place a great deal of value on further training – professional as well as personal. We offer in-house seminars, individual specialist job development, networks or the option of participating at our umbrella organisation, the German Student Services (Deutsches Studentenwerk).